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Field Work Internships

My legacy is a combination of my hard work, and those who gave me opportunities which reinforced and elevated my passion for human rights work with passionate conviction. Below are several non-profit, creatively productive collectives, who still contribute to human rights work in various fields. I'm in the process of reconnecting with my mentors after almost a decade, as I find it miraculous and inspiring that most of us are still alive, despite the gargantuan-sized challenges, for humanity as a whole. Please take the time to learn about each collective. Learn more about my mentors and their current endeavors on my Honorary Mentions page. Happy almost Juneteenth! May you be safe, healthy and well. 


Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective
Admin Asst.+ Workshop Facilitating Intern
12/2006-2/2007, Atlanta, GA

Sponsored by the Guggenheim Foundation

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Roaring River Basic School (ages 3-6)
Teaching English, Mathematics, Biology+Art
Westmoreland, Jamaica

Medicinal Plants + Ministry of Tourism 
South Andros, Bahamas

Ethnographic Film Studies + Medicinal Plants
La Paz, Bolivia

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