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Honorary Mentions


Say their names. 
Honorary mentions cascade your eyes as you scroll this page. The beings mentioned here are rare gems of this life and spending time with these royals, manifested great sorcery in me. They were always honest with me by sharing their humanity, as they did their professions. This is a quality I've always sought in my teachers. I've always felt it, sensed it, moved towards it. It gave me a candid view of conflicting personal sacrifices, between the demands of one's craft, and interpersonal relationships. I've always know that art was my life, but no art courses ever explored the reality that maintaining a domestic, traditional home life, isn't possible when being an artist full time. That it takes equal if not more creativity and communication, between the family at home and the family on stage, to feel supported and prosper. It's a very difficult time to be alive, but when things fracture, a new opportunity for growth ensues, and creative, humanely inclusive solutions in education and lifestyle are needed more than ever.

Art making is a lifestyle with great potential for collective intimacy, as much as it can be a highly private, solitary process. Each person mentioned here offered me new ways to consider and participate with my humanity, while informing my becoming. I heard stories from Black and Indigenous kin, in ways only art can resist white supremacy. I never forgot and am committed to paying it forward. I'm grateful to be alive with such clarity, so I may acknowledge these brave warriors to celebrate their work and impart their wisdom as a powerful multidisciplinary. 

My memoirs are slowly unfurling and I ask for your ongoing patience as I delicately re-emerge. My classes and personal mentoring will be posted soon. Instead, take the time to  click on the names and images of those mentioned here. Most are still alive with I don't believe is mere serendipity. Some died during quarantine. Names will be added in time to commemorate those whose guidance still greatly informs my autonomy and humanitarian work to this day. I've managed to reconnect with most of my guides and, as someone who was raised equally by the many beautiful humans we are in revolution to save, I hope we can initiate more mutual aid, particularly through the arts. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my lineage and please support everyone here. Love, B

Merian Soto

Photo by: Mark Poucher

meriansoto website pic.jpg

Jimmie Briggs

jimmiebriggs website pic.jpg

Gregory Maqoma

gregorymaquoma website pic.png
taniaisaac website pic 2.jpg

Tania Isaac

Tania Isaac

Hannah K. Fox

hannahkfox website pic.jpg

Milford Graves 

milfordgraves website pic.jpg

Loretta J. Ross

lorettajross website pic.jpg

Mac Maharaj

macmaharaj website pic.jpg

Eiko and Koma

eikoandkoma website pic 2.jpg
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