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How to Sign-Up for Covid Testing in VT

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Need a little help navigating Vermont's Department Health website? You're not alone. Here I'll show you basic steps, including links, to help you sign-up for Covid testing. I'll try to answer common areas of confusion, and share how the process has changed since Governor Scott declared a state of emergency on March 13, 2020. Details below reflect CDC regulations and are subject to change. While their application is determined by the VT State Health Department, I'm volunteering my personal wisdom as a human service to the public, to guide and clarify, covid testing sign-up. I invite you to subscribe to keeping an open mind and heart during these times, and I hope the information I unfurl here, alleviates some of the stress and anxiety these new normals demand of us, so we may all survive. Do your part.

Below is a list of steps, as their designed, to guide you down a rabbit hole of information. While you can skip ahead at anytime, you should read all information provided before hand. It may aid or delay your ability to make an appointment. Some appointments require referrals and due to social distancing, some locations have a limited capacity. This will also impact your ability to plan for travel as the holidays approach. Life is stressful for everyone right now, so it doesn't hurt to allot for more planning time.

  1. Go to

  2. Click > Covid 19 In Vermont at the top or

  3. Scroll below and under TESTING click on testing locations or

  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click > REGISTER FOR POP-UP TESTING or

  5. Follow all the steps completely. You need to complete this part in order to generate your Patient ID. Go to your email to receive your Patient ID and confirm your new account. It may be in your spam or take a few minutes, due to the internet demands.

  6. Open the email and write down your Patient ID, which should look like this: P-##### Once you have your ID written down in a safe place, click to confirm your account, and be redirected back to the Vermont Department of Health Website.

  7. Type in your Patient ID and choose a password. Keep this somewhere safe.

  8. Once you confirm, you will be logged in and redirected to Covid sites in your area. When the testing locations pop-up, it will look like a google map on the left, with more detailed addresses beneath it in a list format. On the right will be an open grey box.

  9. Pin point as best you can, a testing location that will work for you. Make sure it's something you can easily attend, with enough notice, to minimize stress and be safe. Ask for help in your community, or designate someone you trust to help you find aid.

  10. Click a location in the list on the left. Your test site location will appear on the right side. Click NEXT to choose a time for your location, or cancel for more time to decide.

  11. The split-screen format will remain the same, but the content will change. On the left side, the available (green) AND unavailable times (grey) will be listed. The available times will also have a number of availability. Click on your time preference and it will appear on the left. Confirm and follow remaining instructions.

  12. You will be notified on screen in real time, and by email, that you are registered for a Covid Testing Pop-Up site. Your information will be attached in detail by email. Follow alll steps leading up to the day of your test. If you need to cancel/reschedule*, you can with your login and password. This allows others to claim your spot if they need it.

**Covid testing is not a privilege everyone has, so please give enough notice if you cancel. It will likely fall right in place for someone else. This is especially important in the case of referrals for some locations have a very limited capacity to accommodate large numbers, like pharmacies. It may depend on who they have on staff to do the testing safely, or the size of the parking lot relative tot he drive through. I advise you to get as much information as possible, but please be kind. Ask strangers how they are. It truly makes a big difference.

This is the first of many wisdoms I wish to impart. Please check back soon for more articles. My public service is strictly donation based. Refer to my FUND ME page to help me pay bills.

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