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Heels up or down during downward dog? Your body knows the answer. Developing a steady yoga practice takes time, whether autonomous or guided. I aim to help you develop a practice that reflect your needs and goals, that align with your scheduling needs. 

Yoga Foundations

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  • Surya A and B:  Breath, drishti, grounding, extentions, lunges, and chaturanga, are variables of sun salutations A and B. You will become familar with both forms as the foudations

    Vinyasa (Yin, Yang, Both): A practice varies based on one's needs and overall comfort. I will help to guide you through the non-linear concept of a "free flow" practice, and the energies all schools of yoga embrace, apart of any practice on the mat or in your life.  

    Pranayama and Asana (Breath and Body): These words may feel overwhelming, especially if one is new to a yoga practice. They refer to pathways we all experience through daily living, that yoga can able you to prioritize. We will discuss these ideas at length before and after your guided physical practice. 

    Clothing and Mats: 

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