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Life Coaching

Conversational processing through deductive reasoning.

  • 30 minutes
  • 15 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Often times it's hard to make sense of our experiences, including the profound reality that we are raised and encouraged to be ourselves, but often find it at great cost, unless we confirm to a variety of systems. Who do you wish to be? Is your lifestyle aligned with who we are becoming? Clinically, I am an unlicensed therapist. I offer my time to hold space for people, from all walks of life to vent. I offer guidance based on my life experience and various schools of education, philosophy, and spiritual practices. If you are in need of a therapy or psychiatry, I can help inform you about the multiple methods that exist, and offer licensed, professional references, for aid in the area. Needs include: mental health, addiction, body dysmorphia, racism, sexual trauma, etc. I can personally attest to the powers of talk therapy, but it took me years to find what works for me. It takes time. I recommend being patient with yourself and tender. Are you breathing? Are you hydrated? We need to be kind to ourselves, especially now. You must complete all confidentiality, consent and liability forms before we begin. Once this happens, we can make an appointment and begin a session. You may share as much or as little as you wish by name, alias or anonymously. I guide from an autobiographical place, citing examples from my life, in tandem with art and history. I'm here mainly to listen. When you are ready to receive, I'll share. Or you can vent and call it a day. It truly depends on what you give and what you want out of it. I'm deeply compassionate and strongly identify as an empathic. I am honest and will tell you the truth. I pass on the torch in this way because the people who've helped me to heal the most, are the ones who showed me tough love. But I am not here to judge or shame. I'm simply not the sugar coating type. I'm limiting sessions to 30min for now. Spots are limited and depend on successful completion of all forms. My heart goes out to everyone as this is a very trying time for our humanity in history.It will take unprecedented strength and courage to fight for a better world, I do believe we have the resilience and resourcefulness to survive whats ahead. Take care everyone and thanks for visiting.

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